Ice, Ice, Baby

Posted On Jul 12, 2016 By Rachel Weingarten

Ice, Ice, Baby

Summer beauty tends to fall into one of two categories: So tan and bronzed that nothing else is needed, or pink pastels that don't seem to suit every face. This summer I've noticed a lot of products that have an extra frosty quality to them, but they come with a learning curve. Here are some tips to help ease the curve:

Choose Just One

Love the look of a snowy bit of frost in the summertime? Me, too! But overdo it and you risk looking like Mrs. Claus. Concentrate on only one part of your face. Highlight under your brow bone or high on cheekbones — but not both.

Frosty Kisses

One of the easiest and most dummy proof ways to add a bit of highlighting to your face is to apply a sheer frosted gloss to the center of your bottom lip (on top of lipstick or lip gloss or even lip balm). In this way you also create a trick of lighting and your bottom lip looks poutier.

Secret Shimmer

Celebrities seem to favor really glossy legs when appearing on camera. You can modify this look by using a dry oil spray on your pins which will soften while also creating the appearance of elongated legs.

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