I Lost a Grown Man in Weight: Brooke's Success Story!

Posted On Jul 1, 2014 By Bowflex Insider Team

Brooke Birmingham weight loss success story

By guest author Brooke Birmingham

When people find out how much weight I lost, they have a hard time believing it and then immediately ask me how I did it. A lot of them want to believe that I had a surgery of some kind, that there is no way I lost this weight with just a change in diet and exercise.

That's exactly how I did it though.

To say my journey to lose 172 pounds was an easy one would be a lie. There were times the scale wouldn't budge, and I wanted to throw in the towel. But, I reminded myself how I felt when I weighed 327 pounds. How I didn't feel well physically or mentally, and never wanting to feel like that again, I pushed on.

I followed the Weight Watchers program and lost my weight over the course of 4 1/2 years. I switched out nightly trips to the drive-thru for easy meals at home, spending all my time on the couch with walking/biking/movement of any kind, and my self-loathing to self-love.

I learned to take my focus off of the scale and began setting other goals for myself. Goals that would benefit me for the rest of my life. There were goals of trying new foods, cooking new recipes and conquering fitness feats.

The biggest lesson I learned though was that to become the best version of myself, I needed to love myself every step of the way. I couldn't wait until I hit my goal weight to start loving who I was or start living life. The confidence I gained throughout my journey gave me the courage to find my husband, put my story out for others and to wear a bikini.

When people learn of my story, they always ask what my biggest piece of advice is. The funny thing is that my advice doesn't have to do with food or exercise. I always tell people to realize they are worth it. That while this journey isn't an easy one, they are worth all the hard work it takes to live their best life.

About Our Guest Author:

headshot of fitness blogger Brooke Birmingham

Brooke Birmingham is a 28-year-old healthy lifestyle blogger and Weight Watchers leader from the Quad Cities, Illinois. She is a healthy-living crusader; having lost 172 pounds and inspiring others to live a happy and healthy life through her blog, Brooke: Not On a Diet.