How To Update Your Summer Workout

Posted On Jul 13, 2020 By BowFlex Insider Team

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For some of us, the closure of gyms due to COVID-19 has up-ended our normal workout routines. For those of us that are not eager to return to the gym right away, or whose gyms have not yet reopened, summer workout plans could potentially look much different than year’s past.

Luckily, there is more than one way to get your body moving and break a sweat – here are a few options for adjusting your summer workout routine:

  • Swap pool laps for a day at the lake

    If you relied on your gym’s pool to get your cardio workout in by doing laps, head to your nearest lake for some open water swimming. Take a buddy or make it a family event by spending the whole day by the water – nothing will tire you out like a day of splashing and sunshine. If you’d like to add a bit more resistance, checkout this summer circuit workout by BowFlex Fitness Advisor Tom Holland that incorporates workouts in and out of the water for a total body exercise.

  • Trade box jumps at the gym for park steps A person jogging up park steps

    While there isn’t a replacement for every piece of workout equipment, your local park can offer a nice change of scenery if you’ve been primarily working out at home. It also offers more workout options than you might find in your backyard. Take advantage of curbs and benches for steps ups and box jumps, or head to the stairs for a quick HIIT workout to get your blood pumping. If the playground is open and there are bars, try to work in some pull ups into your routine for an upper body challenge.

  • Replace weights with water or sand

    If you have been missing your weight-lifting routine and don’t have a set of weights at home, there are a few simple ways to create your own. Jugs of water are an easy replacement that allows you to easily customize the amount of resistance; bags of sand are another great option. Filling a backpack with items from your home, like books, is another easy, no-cost choice. Cans of food from your pantry can also be used as a replacement for one pound weights for repetitive toning exercises that require low resistance.

Whatever you do to get your body moving, is better than sitting on the couch. While our workout routines may look different for now, it’s important that we keep our bodies moving for our mental and overall wellbeing.

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