How To Stay In Shape While Traveling

Posted On Nov 2, 2017 By Tom Holland

Tom Holland and the BowFlex Breakfast Club

One of the secrets to long-term success with your fitness program is being prepared for those things in life that can get you off-track and take you out of your normal routine. One of those that so many people have major problems with? Travel.

When you're on the road and away from home your regular exercise program changes and your normal eating habits do as well, the combination of which can wreak havoc on your fitness plan. But it doesn't have to.

I have worked with some of the busiest celebrities and CEOs who travel like crazy, often at a moment's notice. I myself have also traveled all over world for business and pleasure, and continue to do so quite frequently.

So how do the fit people who travel manage to stay in shape? What are their tips and tricks to maintaining their fitness and sticking with their programs while on the road? Watch this episode of the BowFlex Breakfast Club, where I myself am on the road and broadcasting from my hotel room!

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