How to Prevent a Bloated Belly from Ruining Your Holiday Cheer

Posted On Dec 9, 2020 By BowFlex Insider Team

Two people walking outside.

The holidays are a time for cheer, warmth, celebration with loved ones, and arguably the most important thing – food. Everyone looks forward to the assortment of holiday food and drinks including ham, eggnog, cranberry sauce and the countless supply of baked goods from pies to gingerbread.

The only downside to the incredible feasts is the discomfort that can accompany it afterwards. We’ve all been there – feeling so bloated that all you want to do is lie down and sleep it off.

Unfortunately, consuming a surplus of delicious treats can come at cost to your body. In fact, the combination of rich foods and the general holiday stress can cause some painful stomach aches due to indigestion.

However, there are steps that can be taken to prevent this overload, while still allowing yourself to indulge this holiday season:

A woman drinking water

Eat Slowly – This tip is so easy to say yet seems impossible to practice. By simply slowing down while you eat, it allows the stomach time to process the food and signal that you are full. Additionally, by chewing that bite a few more times makes it easier for your stomach to digest the food – helping create fewer issues later on.

Drink Water – Drinking a little water almost always improves however you’re feeling. While sitting at the table with all your favorite foods, take a few moments to sip water in between bites. Like eating slowly, drinking water can help your body determine whether it is full, preventing unnecessary bloating and aiding digestion.

Get Moving – While the cold weather may make you want to stay indoors, research has shown that a short, post-meal workout can help speed up your digestive system. Take the family outside and enjoy a walk to look at all the pretty holiday decorations, or have a little dance party in your living room to your favorite tunes. Activity as short as 15 minutes can make a meaningful impact following a hearty meal.

Maintain a Normal Schedule – The holidays feel anything but regular, however, our bodies need normalcy and routine to process, heal and recover. As much as possible, try to stay on top of your sleep schedule and maintain a regular eating pattern. By doing so, you won’t overwhelm your body, lessening the risk of an upset stomach.

During the holiday season, you want to be spending time with your loved ones – not regretting what you ate a few hours before. By following these tips, you can prevent some of the painful digestive consequences of the holiday season.