How to Get Bigger Muscles

Posted On Jul 16, 2015 By Tom Holland

A fit man performing a bench press. Fit Tip Thursday: How to Get Bigger Muscles

In the past, the discussion about building muscle was primarily aimed at bodybuilding men, but this is (thankfully) no longer the case. Women are now embracing the "strong is the new skinny" mantra, eschewing the "bulk" myth as it relates to strength training and realizing the inherent value of building lean muscle.

Sure, a strong, toned body is appealing aesthetically, but muscle-building goes much further than simple vanity purposes. Adding muscle is one of the only true natural ways to boost our metabolisms twenty-four hours a day. It also helps improve our lives by making our daily activities easier, giving us functional strength and improving our overall quality of life for decades to come. Muscle also helps prevent injury and even boosts our self-esteem and confidence.

Yet if you want to build muscle it's not as simple as just lifting weights. We all know people who exercise frequently yet their bodies never seem to change at all. You need to follow certain rules based in exercise science as well as nutrition to truly maximize your muscle-building gains, and to build the best body you are genetically capable of achieving, Here are a few of the most important:

  1. Lift heavier weights
  2. Add more exercises and sets to your workout routine
  3. Consume more protein

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