How to Begin Your Bodybuilding at Home

Posted On Dec 17, 2015 By Tom Holland

How to Begin Your Bodybuilding at Home

I started lifting weights when I was fourteen, working out down in my basement with just a few sets of mismatched dumbbells, a barbell (with the old sand-filled plates), a rickety bench and a book on bodybuilding. I loved it! Early in the morning, late at night - Whenever l felt motivated all I had to do is walk downstairs and get to work. I was young, skinny and self-conscious, so working out at home was the perfect place for me to get started building muscle and learning how to lift.

There has never been a better time to work out at home thanks to technology and the incredible wealth of fitness content right at our fingertips. If you have a home you have a home gym, and if you want to start your own bodybuilding program, here's a few simple tips on how to begin:

When you start using the dumbbells, you'll want to choose a weight that is challenging, but that you can still complete every rep with good form. Don't push yourself to go too heavy too fast or else you may injure your muscles, which will not only hurt, but also keep you from continuing to progress as your muscles will need time to heal. Be smart and "listen" to your body as you progress.

It's also good to make sure you are giving the parts of your body that you work at least two days of rest. The "building" in bodybuilding comes from your muscles adapting to the work you just put them through, and rest is key to giving your muscles the time they need to adapt. For a great starting workout plan, check out The Hardgainer's Workout that I put together.

Begin with your body weight and then progress to dumbbells. Pretty soon you'll see your body changing and you'll be on your way. It's simply just a matter of starting.