Unlock Yourself from Prisons of the Past for an Amazing Future

Posted On Dec 26, 2013 By Erin Kuh, MBA, RD

How to be successful and reach your fitness goals

Do you find yourself dwelling on past failed attempts at exercise routines and diets? Do thoughts like "Why should I even try?" "I won't be able to keep it up" float through your mind? Does this keep you from getting started or prevent you from reaching for a new goal?

Most people aren't successful the first time around, whether it is getting fit or becoming a self-made millionaire. We all hit bumps in the road. The difference between achieving long-term success and continuing to fail is to learn from mistakes and try a different approach the next time around. Follow this three-step process to let go of the past once and for all and have a healthy future.

  1. Acknowledge past failures, but focus on your successes. Maybe you've lost weight and regained some of it. Focus on the fact that you've kept some weight off. Or if you've never been successful with a fitness or health goal, focus on an achievement in some other area of your life. Are you a good friend, sibling or spouse? Or perhaps you're successful in your career. This counts too! Let go of negative thoughts about the past that will only weigh you down.
  2. Visualize Success. If you can't see it, you won't achieve it! Run through your mind what you want to look like and feel like. Imagine how your life will be different. Play this out every morning when you wake up and throughout the day if your motivation is lacking. You can use this technique for individual workouts or for making healthy choices at a restaurant. Walk through the healthy activity beforehand to practice the desired outcome.
  3. Set realistic attainable goals Instead of telling yourself you'll lose 20 pounds by next month, never eat fast food again and workout seven days a week, start with something more manageable. Factor time, energy and other life commitments into a plan that you can live with. Setting the bar too high every time will almost always guarantee never reaching it.

By focusing on your successes, visualizing yourself carrying out healthy actions and making a plan with realistic expectations, you'll gain the confidence to start and the endurance to keep going to reach your goals!