How Do I Stay Motivated?

Posted On Feb 22, 2018 By Tom Holland

Fit Tip Thursday: How Do I Stay Motivated?

By now most people know that they need to exercise. They even understand that this means both cardiovascular as well as strength training. The problem lies not in knowing what needs to be done; it's finding the motivation to do it. Consistently.

Consistency is everything. Most people do a lot of exercise a little, rather than a little exercise a lot, which is the true path to long-term success. They get super-motivated usually twice a year: Once on January first, and again when the weather gets warmer and they realize summer is right around the corner.

So how do the people who have made exercise a part of their life do it? While there is no one magic "secret," there are a handful of tools they all use.

Here are a few quick tips on how to stay motivated:

  1. Find a workout partner or group.
  2. Invest in some technology like a fitness tracker.
  3. Take your focus off the scale and onto "Non-Scale Victories" instead; like improved mood, better sleep, and less aches and pains, to name but a few.

Finally, there are a few other extremely powerful ways in which to stay motivated to exercise – Watch this 60 second video to find out what they are!

Want more quick workout ideas? Check out our Quick Workouts playlist on our YouTube channel.

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