Posted On Dec 7, 2015 By Rachel Weingarten


There's been something of a movement the past few years for people to declare themselves introverts trying to curb the sometimes crushing pressure to socialize. And while tending to your needs first and avoiding crowds can be managed much of the time, it seems nearly impossible over the holidays.

So what's an overwhelmed individual to do? Well, the first thing is to choose wisely when accepting invitations to holiday events.

Here's an easy checklist to help you decide how much socializing to indulge in during the end of year holiday crush:

  1. Professional parties: When trying to decide how to RSVP, It might help to ask yourself a few questions. Is it a work requirement? Did your boss or supervisor invite you? Will all (or the majority) of your co-workers be attending? Is there the opportunity to socialize with a work colleague you might not normally have access to? I think you know where this is going. If you've answered yes to one or more of the above questions, you should probably go.
  2. Family functions: It's hard to say no to family, especially when there are gifts or guilt involved. But if you're feeling more pressure than pleasure, you can probably skip some of the festivities this year. Though there are some no brainers:
    • Will this be the only time you see your relatives this year? (go, please!)
    • Will you come home feeling worse rather than better? (stay home!)
    If you're really not sure that you're up to traveling or hosting, consider inviting everyone to meet somewhere in the middle at a favorite restaurant.

One last piece of advice, if it feels more like torture than a celebration, you're best off staying home under the covers.

Happy holidays!

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