Holiday Baking Guide: What Swaps Are Worth It?

Posted On Dec 2, 2015 By Erin Kuh, MBA, RD

The Holiday Baking Swaps to Try This Year

Are you ready for the holiday season? Gift shopping, holiday parties, pumpkin spice this and peppermint mocha that, and gobs of goodies everywhere you turn. It's a tempting time of year, and deciding now how you'll maneuver through cookie exchanges, holiday buffets and big sit-down family gatherings will set you up for success.

I attempted to make a healthy version of pecan pie as a first-time host of Thanksgiving Day a few years ago. Pie crust made with olive oil instead of butter and pecan pie filling with coconut oil and no corn syrup. Let's just say I made a version of pecan pie, but not one that I'll ever make again!

Sometimes it's worth making a healthy swap like cutting out oil and using Greek yogurt instead or only using half the amount of sugar called for. Baked goods, no matter how healthy, are still treats and usually calorie-dense, meaning they have a lot of calories for a small quantity. Keep portions small by using mini-muffin tins and bread pans, measuring out cookie dough, and cutting pie slices into 16 pieces instead of the traditional eight.

Use the table below as a guideline to make more nutritious — but just as delicious — treats this holiday season. Substituting ingredients can change the flavor, texture and bake time; understand that these tips are general.


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