Healthy Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Posted On Feb 7, 2020 By BowFlex Insider Team

Boquets of flowers

Valentine’s Day is almost here and that means stores are overrun with heart shaped chocolates of all sizes. However, if you or your significant other are trying to keep your diet healthy this winter, sweets of any kind may be the last thing on your wish list. Don’t let the avalanche of chocolate at the grocery store overwhelm you – there are other options out there! Here are a few of our favorite non-chocolate gift ideas:

Insulated Water Bottle

Hydration is key to your overall health, which is why one of our favorite gifts to give is a new insulated water bottle. Keeping water on hand means you’re more likely to drink water throughout the day and the added insulation means you can keep your water cool all day long. Plus staying properly hydrated is shown to have multiple benefits, including clearer skin and increased brain function.

Yoga Mat

Yoga mats are a versatile tool for any fitness buff, which is why we think you can’t go wrong when gifting a yoga mat. Any yoga lover will put it to good use during their practice, but the mat can also come in handy when doing other floor exercises like crunches and planks.

Bath Bombs & Salts

Lavender bath bombs

Proper relaxation is a vital part of self-care and your overall health, which is why we love to give bath bombs and salts as gifts. Slipping into a hot bath with a soothing bath bomb or salts and letting your stress melt away is a great way to lower your heart rate and blood pressure after a long day.

Flowers & Plants

potted succulents

Gifting flowers may seem cliché, but they are a Valentine’s Day classic for a reason. Flowers can brighten up a room and bring cheer anytime you look at them, as well as remind you of who gifted them to you. You can also gift a flowering plant for a gift that keeps on giving and that also helps purify the air.


If your significant other is looking to build out their own home gym, a set of weights or a kettlebell is a great place to start. Weights provide endless workout options and can be used to target specific muscle groups, as well as for full body workouts. Plus adjustable dumbbells and kettlebells allow you to own a whole rack of weights, while saving money and space.