Can you be Happier With Less?

Posted On Dec 3, 2013 By Erin Kuh, MBA, RD

Healthy diet during the holiday season

It seems like a simple question with only two black-and-white answers: Yes or No. But sometimes it's not that simple.

Sometimes we know that not having something, whether it be a second piece of pie or that new pair of shoes, is the best choice. But the immediate short-term gratification or short-lived sense of happiness we experience if only for a fleeting few minutes trumps out the ability to make the wisest choice.

I recently asked this question to a nutrition coaching client of mine, and after pondering, she said with confidence, "Yes, I've realized I can." She found herself more content with smaller portions of food. Rather than cutting out foods like ice cream and cookies completely, she carefully planned to allow for those calories and measured her servings. To her surprise, she didn't find herself wanting more. She was content with less. And the scale showed it.

But could you really be content with less? Whether it is less food, less material things, less stress, less pressure we put on ourselves to perfectly juggle the demands of everyday life? Are you willing to give up something for a greater long-term reward? Instead of crowding your plate or your home with too much, try rethinking the more is better line of thinking.

More IS better when it comes to quality time with family and friends and vegetables, but perhaps this holiday season, as mass consumerism and overindulging run rampant, you'll try keeping things simpler.

Enjoy doing less (don't interpret this as permission to skip your workouts!), eating less and stressing less and see how much MORE you can enjoy the magic of this holiday season!