Halloween Workout : Part II

Posted On Oct 19, 2018 By Tom Holland

Halloween Workout : Part II

HaLurker Lateral Lunges. Spider-Man Push-Ups. Frankenstein Walk. Pirate Planks and, yes, Boo-urpees. Remember these? They were all exercises from a previous BowFlex Halloween-themed workout, and now it’s time for yet another.

At BowFlex we believe in getting the whole family involved in fitness in a fun, positive way. Heathy habits start in the home, from eating nutritious foods to making movement and exercise part of everyone’s day.

So grab your kids and do this fun Halloween-inspired workout throughout the month of October. It requires no equipment and takes just five minutes to complete.

Do each exercise for 30 seconds each, two times through in a circuit-fashion.

  1. “RIP” - Running in Place
  2. “Screaming” Squats
  3. “Cemetery” Crunches
  4. “Skeleton” Skaters
  5. “Mummy” Mountain Climbers

Want to have even more fun with this workout? Have your trick-or-treaters do a move or two as their “trick” before you give them their “treats!”

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