Going Outside Your Comfort Zone: Need a Little Push?

Posted On Aug 31, 2015 By Joel Harper

Going Outside Your Comfort Zone: Need a Little Push?

Change might make you a bit uncomfortable, but being pushed out of your comfort zone a little bit is a good thing because it encourages you to grow. In fact, scientists like to call this "optimal anxiety" or "productive discomfort" because it wakes you up just enough to stretch your comfort zone a bit farther.

So here's the deal: I'm going to encourage you to become selfish. Before you start arguing, I'm simply saying that:

  1. You must learn to love and care for yourself before you can be of any true good to anyone else. I'm talking about a healthy amount of selfishness.
  2. Give yourself the quantity of time it takes to commit to truly reaching your desires and goals. This might be applicable to you if you have people in your life, or routines that are holding you back. When you get real about putting yourself first so that you can lose weight, or reach an exercise goal, you have to adjust your schedule so you have time for healthy activities and reduce time for unhealthy ones - that's when real change begins to happen.
  3. Mix it up. Otherwise, you can just keep doing the same things you've done in the past and you'll get the same results. I know you want better for yourself.
  4. Opt for change, and release the powerful magic that is in your mind. You'll realize what your thoughts are currently producing, and how they are holding you back. This powerful knowledge will fuel you to reach your goals.
  5. Use affirmations. Example: “I have an abundance of energy” or “I change and grow with ease and grace.” This will help your brain access powerful pathways so you can gain the clarity you need to set a mindful goal you'll stick to because it will be an intention you'd bet your heart on.

What do you try to do for yourself to help you get out of your comfort zone? Let us know in the comments below.