How to Get the Most from Your Workouts

Posted On Apr 9, 2015 By Tom Holland

How to get the Most from Your Workouts

The number of people who exercise has never been greater; whether working out at a gym, exercising at home, or working up a sweat outside. Yet the percentage of overweight and obese people has also never been higher. Why the obvious contradiction? Why is the population as a whole getting less fit given the increased participation rate?

There are numerous reasons why this paradox exists; one of the major contributing factors is that it's not enough to simply exercise, we have to do it right for it to be effective. The vast majority of people I see working out at the gym are not even coming close to maximizing their time and results. Many exercise several times a week for months, even years on end, without ever seeing any real changes. Part of the problem is that there is a wealth of bad information out there that is preventing people from reaping the rewards of their efforts.

So how do you truly get the most out of your investment of time and money when it comes to exercise? What are a few of the "secrets" to getting the most out of your workout? Here are three:

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