My Get-in-shape Challenge. Join Me?

Posted On Dec 16, 2013 By Rachel Weingarten

Rachel Weingarten on getting back in shape

I always get so excited around the holiday season. Friends to see. Parties to attend. Little black dresses that seem a lot smaller than the last time I wore them. I've been a bit of a couch potato these past months while finishing my latest book, so while I'm super excited about all that the holidays have to offer, I'm also a bit panicked about trying to fit into clothing I haven't worn in a year. And more than a little nervous about the indulgence of the holiday season. For that reason, I'm going to try to commit to taking better care of myself now, before the rest of the world starts their own New Year's resolutions. By the time January rolls around, I hope to be feeling better about both the way I look and feel. But before I can fully commit myself to a new exercise regimen. I have to map out a plan.

Over the next six months I'll be chronicling my attempts to get back in shape, but more than that, I'll be concentrating on working out in style. So I might share some of my favorite tips along with a few of my favorite product recommendations. I hope that you won't wait until January to make your own back-to-health resolution, but will join me in my pursuit. And to begin with, I'm going to list my challenges and goals.

  1. Figuring out a time to work out regularly. As a freelance writer, I work from home much of the time and build my own schedule. I sit in front of the computer for long periods without break and the refrigerator is far too close for comfort. I'm going to have to commit to taking better care of myself on a daily basis. So will I tackle my TreadClimber every day or every other day? Will I work out every morning or at the end of the day? Or should I split my workout in two – half in the morning and half at the end of my day?
  2. How I will measure results. I'm scared to face the scale, so do I go by weight loss or inches? Will I track results at all? Or will I just consider committing to exercising and keeping to a new regimen, which would be a triumph in and of itself?
  3. Should I keep a food and exercise diary? I've started one in the past (and failed and started and failed and … well, you get the idea). I'm ready to commit to serious lifestyle changes; I'm just not sure how I feel about tracking every detail obsessively.
  4. How will I handle setbacks? Sometimes it's just too hard to resist the siren song of those Oreos. And I know that despite my best intentions, I'll fall off the exercise bandwagon every now and again. I just hope I'll be strong enough to resist the slog back down to sluggishness.

What do you think? Have I left anything out, or have I covered all the bases?