Friday Fives: September 25th

Posted On Sep 25, 2015 By Bowflex Insider Team

Friday Fives - This week's top five articles on health and fitness

Looking for an excuse to buy new running shoes? Not sure which brand of oatmeal to choose for your breakfast? Don't know what to do with the avocados you just bought? Browse through our favorite posts from health and fitness bloggers this week:

  1. Did you know? One of the keys to staying injury free as a runner is shoe rotation. Use Run to the Finish's blog post as an excuse to buy a new pair of running shoes.
  2. Do you have a favorite brand of instant oatmeal? Check out The Kitchn's blind oatmeal taste test post to see which brand stood up as the favorite healthy breakfast option.
  3. We loved Sweet Potato Soul's three very simple vegan avocado recipes to try.
  4. Are you a star pupil? The Fit Bottomed Girls explain the six bad habits instructors wish you would kick.
  5. Frozen foods are full of chemicals: myth or reality? Dai Manuel debunks five frozen food myths to separate fact from fiction.

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