Friday Fives October 12, 2018

Posted On Oct 12, 2018 By Bowflex Insider Team

Friday Fives October 12, 2018

We all hear about the importance of cardio and strength training, but often forgotten is the importance of lateral training and working out in new ways. We move in three dimensions in our everyday life, so we should be training that way as well to avoid injuries that can set us back and keep us from the activities we love.

To keep you moving injury free, we shared a few of our favorite exercises to break you out of your routine:

  1. Looking for a workout you can do on the go in a hotel room? Beachbody on Demand shared how you can use resistance bands to crush a lateral workout in no time.
  2. Breaking Muscle explained why and how weightlifters should train laterally.
  3. Looking to incorporate a whole new way of movement into your workout routine? Try heading out to your trampoline for a cardio HIIT workout by Pahla Bowers.
  4. Pumps & Iron shared a 15-minute lateral lower body workout video – no equipment needed.
  5. Want to squeeze in a full body workout, but are away from your equipment? As long as you have a heavy bag with straps, you are in luck! Fit Body Buzz put together a strength and conditioning sandbag workout guide with helpful tips and advice.

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