Friday Fives: April 28, 2017

Posted On Apr 28, 2017 By Bowflex Insider Team

Friday Fives - This week's top five articles on health and fitness

Finding time to dedicate to a work out is a challenge for many. Luckily, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) allows you to burn the same amount of calories in 15 minutes as you would in an hour at the gym. HIIT workouts are actually so effective that a recent study found them to reverse aging at a cellular level. Interested in seeing what all the fuss is about? Check out some our favorite HIIT workouts and post-workout snacks from health and fitness bloggers:

  1. Summer is fast approaching, which means that swim suit season is right around the corner. Get into bikini shape with this beach HIIT workout from Tone It Up.
  2. Knowing how to properly fuel your body is an important aspect of exercise, weight loss and healthy living. Freeletics shared all you need to know about pre- and post-workout nutrition.
  3. Whether you are looking to build or tone muscle, this collection of strength-training HIIT workouts from Popsugar will help you keep things fresh and avoid workout boredom.
  4. Try incorporating HIIT into your elliptical exercise. Daily Burn has put together three elliptical workouts that will keep you motivated and engaged for maximum calorie burn.
  5. If you need to grab something quick to eat following your workout, check out these 25 post-workout snacks from Fitful Focus. Many of these recipes can be made or prepped ahead of time, allowing you to refuel as soon as possible after your workout.

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