Friday Fives, April 21, 2017

Posted On Apr 21, 2017 By Bowflex Insider Team

Friday Fives - This week's top five articles on health and fitness

The Boston Marathon was this past Monday, which means that the start to marathon season has unofficially begun. Runners from across the country are preparing and training for one of the ultimate tests of fitness. We have put together some of our favorite posts from health and fitness bloggers to help you properly prepare and recover for your upcoming race:

  1. With tons of options out there, picking a training plan to follow can be a daunting task. Luckily Run to The Finish has shared how to build your own training plan from 5k to marathon.
  2. Staying properly fueled is an important aspect of running your best race. Eat this, Not That offered up 25 easy energy bite recipes that you can carry during your runs.
  3. Feeling nervous before a big event is understandable, but can put a damper on your mood and performance. Try these tips from This Runner's Recipes to handle your race day nerves.
  4. Nothing derails a training plan like an injury. Avoid hours of physical therapy and pain by incorporating these injury prevention exercises for runners from Happy Fit Mama into your training plan.
  5. When you reach your goal and finish the race, learn how to avoid soreness and maintain your runner's high with these recovery tips from Popsugar.

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