Four Simple Exercises for Traveling

Posted On Nov 10, 2016 By Tom Holland

Four Simple Exercises for Traveling

Back when I was a trainer in New York City my clients included some of the busiest executives, lawyers, politicians, and entertainers. Many traveled extensively, yet they knew that they still needed to make time for exercise while on the road. My job was to design simple yet effective programs that they could fit into their hectic travel schedules.

Now I find myself in the very same position, traveling all over the world for work as well as to compete in various endurance events. I practice what I used to preach, performing the very same exercises and workouts that I gave my clients many years ago.

Working out while traveling usually means limited time and limited equipment. The focus is therefore on maintaining fitness; getting in quick, full-body workouts that utilize tried-and-true exercises. These sessions are often done right in your hotel room, last 5–15 minutes, and only utilize your bodyweight.

They are still extremely important, however, not only helping to preserve all the fitness gains you have made in the gym, but also giving you the energy to keep up your travel schedule.

Here are four exercises that you can do while traveling that burn calories while working your entire body:

The simple, yet effective, exercises shown in the video are:

  1. Pop Squats (Cardio)
  2. Alternating Forward Lunges (Legs)
  3. Push-ups (Upper Body)
  4. Bicycle Crunches (Abs)

You can use these exercises on their own, or you can use them to make up your own routine to suit your needs. Do them each for time, 30-60 seconds each, and rotate through for an effective full-body circuit.

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