The Five-Minute Partner Workout

Posted On Feb 11, 2016 By Tom Holland

The Five-Minute Partner Workout

"Micro-Workouts." Exercising at home. Bodyweight exercises. These are three fitness trends that are increasing in popularity and for good reason - They all work. Shorter workouts done in the privacy of your home with minimal equipment. It's not how long you exercise that truly counts - but how frequently and how intelligently. Most people don't exercise due to lack of time, thinking that if they don't do 30 minutes to an hour, it's not worth it. Well, the great news is that science tells us it is. Very worth it. Five minutes makes a difference.

Now, add a partner into the mix and you really have a recipe for success. You can do this workout indoors or out: Five moves for 60 seconds each, all done with the help of someone else. It's short and fun but don't be deceived - it's a workout!

The workout consists of these five exercises each done for one minute, for a workout that is a total of five minutes:

  1. Partner squats
  2. Partner planks
  3. Standing ab rotations
  4. Partner push-ups
  5. Partner crunches

Also, the beauty of the simplicity of this workout is that if you and your partner have enough energy and time at the end of the workout, you can easily start back over at the first exercise and repeat as many times as you like!

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