Fit Tip: Five-Minute Bodyweight Workout

Posted On Mar 11, 2019 By Tom Holland

A fit woman performing a bodyweight exercise.

If you’ve read previous posts of mine you know that I am a huge fan of the short workout. When the number one reason people give for not exercising is lack of time, it stands to reason that shorter workouts make sense. They’re doable. You can work them into your busy schedule. They’re sustainable.

Most importantly, they work.

“Micro-workouts.” Exercise “snacks.” They go by a handful of different names and they are all the rage, for good reason. Science has shown that exercising for short amounts of time has numerous health benefits, both physical and mental. You don’t have to go to the gym nor do you have to exercise for an hour, or even thirty minutes for that matter.

I have said it before and I will say it again - The future of fitness is two-fold:

  1. Working out at home
  2. Shorter workouts

I have been doing these shorter workouts for decades. Bodyweight circuits are simply one of the most effective methods of building functional strength, regardless of your age or fitness level. You can do them at home, at the office, while traveling - Just about anywhere and anytime.

Winter is a perfect time to utilize these short, equipment-free workouts to maintain and even improve your fitness during the colder months.

Here are a beginner and advanced bodyweight circuit that work your entire body in just five minutes:

5-Minute Bodyweight Circuit – Beginner

Do each exercise for 15 seconds and the circuit 5 times through:

  1. Running in Place
  2. Squats
  3. Crunches
  4. Knee Push-Ups

5-Minute Bodyweight Circuit – Advanced

Do each exercise for 20 seconds and the circuit 5 times through:

  1. Burpees
  2. Bicycle Crunches
  3. Spiderman Push-Ups

Remember that success in fitness come down to consistency, frequency and quality. Start finding five minutes this winter and you will be amazed at how you look and feel by summer.

Like the idea of the 5-minute workout and want more? Check out The Five-Minute Cardio Blast Workout on our YouTube channel!

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