How You And Your Pet Can Take the Fitness Journey Together

Posted On Mar 14, 2018 By Rachel Weingarten

How You And Your Pet Can Take the Fitness Journey Together

Unless you own a goldfish, or your pet shares their living space in a koi pond, chances are good that from time to time you've wondered how the two of you could share your fitness journey. After a blustery winter in much of the country, now is a great time for you and Fido or Mittens to motivate each other back into shape.

  1. Bake better treats…for both of you

    You know how much better it is for you to eat whole foods without preservatives or added sugar, but what about your pet? Instead of buying store bought treats all the time, show your furry friend some extra love by cooking or baking a batch of healthier treats. A quick search for "pet treat recipes" resulted in lists of smarter and healthier snacks. Does even the thought of being in the kitchen make you break out in a cold sweat? No worries. Pay more attention to the ingredient list on pet treats so that you're making smarter and healthier decisions for both of you.

  2. Hit a new trail

    It's entirely possible that Spot has outgrown the local dog park. Start searching for new dog parks that are further than the ones you already frequent. You'll spend more time outdoors and both of you will meet new two and four-legged friends.

  3. Create a new reward system

    While it's probably not feasible to hit the treadmill with your pet cat, it is possible that you've been overfeeding both Smokey and yourself. Pay attention to the times you carelessly feed her (and yourself) and try to figure out a way not to reward your cat (or yourself) with some extra kibble. Maybe a trip to the groomer is in order, or a new cat toy or beautiful collar. Try to figure out a way to create a pet bonding moment so that food isn't the only way you show your pet (or yourself) some extra love.

  4. Find a goal buddy (and their buddy)

    Have a fellow pet parent who struggles with staying in shape? Challenge each other to find new ways to exercise together with your pets. Find drop-in clinics in your areas where pet fitness classes are offered. Even if your family teases you mercilessly, you'll have a built-in support system for your shared journey to better fitness.

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