Fit Tip: Wedding Workout COVID Bride Edition

Posted On Mar 1, 2021 By Lisa Traugott

Two people prepping food in a kitchen.

I love helping brides get ready for the big day. As a personal trainer I can tell you that 99.9% of brides meet their fitness goals because nothing concentrates the mind like a dress that’s too tight and a deadline. But Covid-19 has made everything different. Brides had to reschedule their weddings, cancel their honeymoons/buddymoons and figure out if it’s safe for their grandparents to attend.

Under this new world I’ve been giving my brides-to-be some new tips.

  1. See the silver lining.
    Weddings are a milestone that have changed over time. A lot of my pre-pandemic brides felt stressed out to invite 200+ people or spent piles of cash on destination weddings. Sometimes simple is better. Rather than having a super spreader event, people are opting for covid weddings where they follow the local guidelines for safety. This means more quality time with your guests, more money to upgrade the items most important to you and taking a moment to really celebrate your love with the people you love most.
  2. Throw away the scale and just eat more veggies.
    Instead of fixating on a dress size or a weight on the scale, eat better. Give yourself the veggie challenge: For the next month, fill half your plate with vegetables at every meal. Not only are they good for you, but they will fill you up, keep you regular and are fewer calories than most side dishes. Bonus tip: If you are eating salad, put your dressing on the side and dip the tips of your fork in it so you get the taste without the extra fat.
  3. Exercise for sanity not vanity.
    Scroll through your phone and chances are you will see tons of articles about people becoming anxious and depressed due to the pandemic. It makes sense. We are socially isolated, dealing with a deadly invisible enemy and are going bonkers on Zoom calls. Exercise is a great way to relax because it releases endorphins. Even if your gym is closed you can take a walk (with a mask), do videos, or use that treadmill you got for Christmas two years ago.
  4. Do arm and chest exercises.
    It used to be that my brides wanted flat tummies and a lifted butt for their beach honeymoon. Now they just want toned arms because what shows the most on Zoom calls. The best exercises to see quick results are push-ups, biceps curls and dips. If you combine eating healthy with these exercises just three times a week you will begin to notice better muscle tone in about two weeks.

A wedding by its very nature is an optimistic thing. It shows that the two of you are ready to face the world together. Get back to the basics. Focus on eating well and exercising because it feels good. And hey, your cousin might have had a ‘grammable wedding two years ago but not everyone gets to brag, “Not even a pandemic could keep us apart!”


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