Fit Tip: 6 Minute Total Body Bodyweight Circuit

Posted On Aug 10, 2020 By Tom Holland

A woman performing a bicycle crunch.

If these challenging times have taught us anything, it’s that exercising at home is sometimes the only option, with just the equipment you have on hand. I have been saying it for years now, that the future of fitness involves two simple concepts: More home workouts, and shorter workouts done throughout the day. Many are now learning how great those two options can be.

There were those who didn’t believe you could get in an effective workout in a short amount of time, especially with limited equipment. They thought you had to go to the gym and you had to do an hour of exercise for it to be worthwhile. The current crisis forced them to try these routines for the first time, and they experienced how these workouts can be both challenging, extremely effective and, yes, fun.

With challenge comes opportunity, and in this case the pandemic has forced people to think outside the box (and the gym) when it comes to exercise. They are biking, walking with the family, doing online workout videos and much more. Change is good, really good, when it comes to your fitness routine.

So this is one of the enormous benefits of the current chaos; people being forced to completely rethink their approach to exercise. To realize there are so many different ways to raise your heart rate and to get in a strength workout. To engage in workouts of varying length. Indoors and outside. Some with equipment, some without.

When equipment is limited, it’s often back to the basics, and that means bodyweight workouts.

Just because a workout seems basic doesn’t mean it isn’t effective. It’s often the complete opposite. This is true of the following workout, four exercises using just your bodyweight and taking only six minutes to complete. It involves compound exercises like squats and push-ups, moves that work multiple muscle groups to maximize your results. It also strengthens you from head to toe - Upper body, lower body and core, while burning calories at the same time.

You can do in inside or out. Grab a friend or a few family members to make it even more fun.

A woman and man doing bodyweight exercises outside.

The 6 Minute Total Body Weight Circuit

Do the circuit three times through with no rest in between exercises.

  1. 30 seconds Jumping Jacks
  2. 30 Seconds Squats
  3. 30 Seconds Pushups
  4. 30 Seconds Bicycle Crunches

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