Fit Tip Thursday: Plyometrics to Burn Fat

Posted On Dec 4, 2014 By Tom Holland

Fit Tip Thursday: Plyometrics to Burn Fat

Whether you are trying lose weight, improve sports performance or simply make your activities of daily living easier, plyometrics are for you.

Plyometrics are exercises in which the muscles are stretched and contracted quickly – the motion found in jumping movements. They are typically bodyweight exercises, and can be performed without any equipment at all – jump squats, jump lunges or even simple box or bench jumps.

One reason these exercises burn extra calories is their high intensity. However, plyometrics are a more advanced form of training and need to be treated as such. Be sure to establish a base of lower body strength before engaging in them, and always warm up before a plyometric workout.

When done appropriately, I believe plyometrics to be a "fountain of youth" type exercise. We lose neural connections to our muscles as we age, which often leads to muscle pulls, tears and slip and fall-related injuries. By engaging in plyometric exercises, we can maintain and even improve our neuromuscular systems, keeping us injury-free and fit as can be for many years to come.

Here are my best tips for getting started with Plyometrics:

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