Fit Tip Thursday: The Hotel Room Workout

Posted On Nov 26, 2014 By Tom Holland

Fit Tip Thursday: The Hotel Room Workout

Over the years, I have worked with some of the busiest executives, helping them stay fit both at home and while they are traveling for business. Despite their extremely hectic work schedules, they realize that they need to continue to exercise while on the road, to both maintain the fitness level they have already achieved, as well as to mitigate the detrimental effects of long plane rides and hours of business meetings.

I also travel frequently myself for work as well as to race – sometimes halfway around the world. Oftentimes the hotels in places like China and Malaysia do not have a gym at all. Or if there is one, my schedule is simply too full to get in my typical longer workout.

Instead of trying to get in our standard gym workout when traveling, we need to shift our focus to getting in shorter routines that can be done right in our hotel rooms. You can in fact get in a great workout with just your bodyweight, a few feet of space and a smart total body circuit routine to follow. These abbreviated workouts help to lessen the wear-and-tear of traveling while allowing us to maintain the fitness that we have worked so hard to achieve.

Traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday? Here is how to stay fit right in your hotel room, no equipment necessary:

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