Fit Tip Thursday: 3 Common Exercise Mistakes

Posted On Oct 23, 2014 By Tom Holland

Fit Tip Thursday: 3 Common Exercise Mistakes

It's not enough to simply exercise. We also have to do it correctly if we want to see real results. Unfortunately, the vast majority of us aren't working out optimally, especially when it comes to strength training. There is a lot of misunderstanding of the "what and how" of lifting weights, and that prevents people from reaping the rewards of their labor.

Just look around next time you're at the gym. You'll see the same people doing the same exercises, looking exactly the same, year after year. I get really frustrated when I see all these people investing their valuable time and money, yet seeing little if any return on this investment. Almost 60 million people hold gym memberships now, and millions more exercise at home, yet the obesity rate continues to riseā€¦ Something is obviously wrong.

This week, we tackle three of the most common mistakes made in weight lifting. I guarantee the vast majority of us are guilty of at least two. Men are generally most guilty of number one and women are most guilty of number two, while all are equally guilty of number three.

The real problem? Most people have no idea they're making these mistakes. You can't fix something if you think it's not broken. These are very simple concepts, yet extremely important. If you want to make meaningful change to your body and overall health, you need to ensure your workout doesn't include these things.

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