Fit Tip Thursday: 3 Best Ab Exercises

Posted On Oct 2, 2014 By Tom Holland

Fit Tip Thursday: 3 Best Ab Exercises

The vast majority of people perform their ab exercises at the end of a workout, with little to no thought involved in what they are doing. They go to the mat and simply start cranking out variations of crunches, without any real structure or focus.

We need a plan when we strength train, a strategy, and working the abdominals is no different. Optimal health comes from creating balance throughout our entire body, not working one area too much or too little, and a structured approach is what makes this possible.

When it comes to working our abs I like to take a three-pronged approach: Working the rectus abdominis or six pack, the obliques or sides of your stomach, and targeting the lower abs as well. Front, sides and lower.

Please don't make the mistake of sacrificing quality for quantity when working the abdominals. Just like any other muscle, focus on performing slow controlled movements for maximum muscle engagement when working these three areas. Twenty repetitions done slowly with good form is exponentially better than cranking out one hundred fast ones utilizing momentum and other secondary muscles.

Today, I share three of the most effective ab exercises that target all three areas of the abdominals. No equipment required!

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