Fit Tip: With Great Challenge Comes Great Opportunity

Posted On Mar 26, 2020 By Tom Holland

A woman performing crunches.

We are living in unprecedented times. Scary times. There is the fear of the unknown and the challenge of your life being turned completely upside-down.

With great challenges, however, comes great opportunity. But you have to be able to first see it, then to recognize it, and then to ultimately act upon it.

It’s extremely easy to get caught up in the current chaos and crippled by never-ending negative thoughts. You must control what you can, however, and not overwhelm yourself with that which you cannot.

One of the greatest tools you have to combat anxiety, especially in challenging times like these, is exercise. Exercise positively affects both the body as well as the brain, giving you a dose of the feel-good hormones while taking your mind off negative thoughts.

The number one barrier people cite for failure to exercise is lack of time. Now, all you have is time. More time than ever before.

Time for yourself. Time with your family. Time to do that which you have never been able to do before, because you were busy with so many aspects of your life that have now been put on hold.

So you have to seize upon this unique opportunity. You now have the time to make incredible positive change in numerous aspects of your life, including your exercise and eating habits. You have weeks to gradually implement new behaviors that, when this chaos ends (and it will end) you will emerge a healthier and stronger you.

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