Find Your Ideal Workout Routine

Posted On Dec 3, 2015 By Tom Holland

A swimmer in a pool. Find you ideal Workout Routine.

One of the primary reasons people fail to stick with workout routine is that they simply don't enjoy it. It's like trying to eat a healthy food that you can't stand. It doesn't matter how good it is for you or how many times you try it; you can't force yourself to like it. Well, just as there are an endless number of healthy food options, there are also countless types of exercise and workout routines for you to choose from. Which one is the "best"? The one you enjoy and will continue to do for the long-term.

Here's how to find your ideal workout routine

Video Transcription

Hi I'm Tom Holland BowFlex Fitness Advisor.

This is how to find your ideal workout routine.

Now there are two things we have to think about: not only finding what works for you today, but finding what works for you tomorrow. So you need to experiment.

You may be someone who loves doing the TreadClimber at home. You may be someone who likes to go for walks and that may change over time. So you have to give yourself the freedom and the flexibility to try different things and to know that "hey, today I might love to walk, tomorrow I might love to swim.'

Mix it up. The goal is to keep working out, to keep trying different things.

So don't be hard on yourself if suddenly you say 'you know what, I don't have the motivation to go for a walk anymore.'

Well, it may be time to switch. Switch it up. That keeps your body changing and it keeps your workout fresh.

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