Father's Day 5K

Posted On Jun 14, 2018 By Tom Holland

Father's Day 5K

As the father of two young boys, I can say that the best gift I could receive from them (and their mother) on Father’s Day would be to spend quality time with the whole family. We all lead such busy lives and, as parents, we soon learn that the often quoted saying is indeed true: Our children grow up so quickly and time passes by at lightning speed. Making memories together as a family therefore is one of the most valuable gifts we can give to one another.

So what am I asking my family for this Father’s Day? It’s simple, and it’s free: I would like my gift to be for all of us to do our own “Father’s Day 5K.” There is no better way to spend quality time together than getting outside and exercising with the entire family. I encourage you to do the same as well: Fathers, ask your wife and kids for your own 5K. Mothers, give this gift to your husband and involve as many family members as possible. It matters not how young or how old – Everyone can take part.

Have fun choosing the course of your Father’s Day 5K. You can use various websites like www.mapmyrun.com to measure it out online beforehand. Your 5K can be on trails through the woods, on the road (pick a safe route and/or one with sidewalks if possible), or through a local park. Family members can choose to walk, jog, or ride bikes (My youngest son likes to ride next to me as I run) whatever helps you to all stay together. Some of my most memorable conversations with my sons have come while exercising together outside.

If you have young children, have them make personal race bib numbers for everyone to pin on their shirts. You can track your “race” with your personal fitness trackers or with free apps you can download on your phone (Runtastic) so you can have fun looking at your accomplishment and your metrics afterwards as a family, including the GPS map of your route, how many steps you all took, how many calories you burned, total time and more.

Family, fitness and fun. There is simply no better combination. Enjoy all three together on Father’s Day for a gift that will truly last a lifetime.

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