Focus on Family Fitness This Autumn

Posted On Sep 17, 2014 By Vito La Fata

How to stay active with the kids this autumn

I can't believe that summer is nearly over! It seems like just yesterday that everyone was excited for the kids to get out of school, to head out on their sunny adventures and to show off their hard-earned bikini bods. But, all good things must come to an end, and fall is drifting into the picture.

While we're in for a departure from the lazy, hazy crazy days of summer, fall gives us a great opportunity to refocus! Let's face it. We tend to lose it a bit during the summertime. Sure, you work hard all spring to get ready for the beach, but once the sand is beneath your feet with back-to-back BBQs to follow, it's easy to fall out of the fitness frenzy. But that ends now!

Whether you're heading out for a last-minute vacation or getting ready for the kids to go back to school, you can still get your workout in! As your days get more hectic, remember that the key to staying tight is a tight schedule. So many of our other commitments can get in the way of our physical health, but the best tactic is to commit to a schedule you just can't back out of. Group fitness classes are a fantastic way to up your commitment level and make sure you're being held accountable — not just to yourself, but to the whole gang.

Even if you fudge a little on your diet (which, let's face it, that holiday cuisine is just around the corner), if you're consistent with your workouts, you'll feel and look better than ever before! You'll be able to better maintain that energy that was so prevalent earlier in the year — and that kind of boost permeates everything in life.

But your fitness doesn't stop once you leave the sanctity of the gym. Suddenly September arrives and the kids are stuck sitting in a desk for eight hours a day … and you're right there with them (metaphorically, of course). Newsflash: the human body was never intended to sit for hours upon hours each day — it was intended to run and stand and move!

It's important for you and your kids to get out and get active, no matter what challenges (or homework assignments) the day might bring. Besides, it's a proven fact that staying active can boost your brain power! The kids will do better in school, you'll do better at work and you'll all have a newfound confidence.

When it comes right down to it, unless you want to start over with your bikini bod next spring, you'll do what you can to stay fit this fall. As you parents know, the playground is where it's at! On the surface, it seems like there's not a whole lot for you to do aside from sitting back on a bench while the little ones play. Not so! Not only is hitting the monkey bars a great way for you to turn what feels like wasted time into something productive and fun, but it also gets the kids involved — which means a healthier family all around. Here's to a fit fall!