You Might be Getting Ripped and Not Even Know It

Posted On Aug 26, 2013 By Bowflex Insider Team

You Might Be Getting Ripped and Not Even Know It

We recently saw a piece on that opened our eyes to a whole new way of looking at motorcycles. We can all agree that motorcycles can be as dangerous as they are cool, but what most people don't know is the hidden benefit of riding one: it can get you ripped. Here's the low-down.

You are out of your league:

The thrill is in the speed and the agility; the windier the road, the better. While you are concentrating and attentive to your surroundings, you don't realize how much stress your entire body is under, maintaining balance and coordination with a motorcycle that weighs about 600 pounds.

So in simpler terms, you are continuously wrestling with your bike. While technically you are winning, your muscles are paying for it.

The longer you ride, the more your abs, biceps, forearms and thighs will be on fire. The physical effort, combined with the adrenaline rush, also speeds up your heart rate to the same level as any high intensity fitness exercise.

Pick your poison:

Dirt Bike vs Street MotorcycleOf course, different motorcycles target different muscle groups. For instance, according to Dr. Vincenzo Tota, official physician of BMW Motorcycle's elite racing team, dirt bikes demand more muscle work than street bikes. He says that unlike street bikes, where riders have a few seconds to relax, dirt bikes require you to stand most of the time and you're on an uneven surface. It's this unpredictability that doesn't allow the muscle to relax.

Motorcycles sometimes get a "bad rep," but there's no denying that there can be a huge fitness perks to these bikes.