Empowered Life: What Would You like to Accomplish?

Posted On Jan 11, 2017 By Jennifer Galardi

Empowered Life What Would You like to Accomplish

(This is the fourth article in the Empowered Life series.)

The last question from our Empowered Life series prompted you to connect to times in your life when you felt most alive. It is with that energy and enthusiasm I'd like you to answer your next question: What would you like to accomplish in the next 12 months? THINK BIG!

On the surface, this question seems simple, a practice in fantasizing what we'd like our life to look like. However, keep in mind that pining away for a future is always easier than the actual effort that is necessary to make it happen. When we know we have to take action on our daydreams, sometimes, we scare ourselves from imagining what 'could be'.

It's worth mentioning that while I want you to THINK BIG and not impose limits on yourself, I also don't want you to write down purchase a farm in Tuscany if you truly have no intention to take measures towards making that happen. Me? I would love to move to Sydney, however, at this moment, that doesn't feel like an authentic, realistic choice or one I'm prepared to act upon. Instead, I wrote Move back to Los Angeles. This is completely plausible and a goal I can achieve. And hey – it's closer to Sydney than Austin, TX.

Also, these are more than New Year's resolutions. These are your dreams, hopes, desires and values wrapped up into a few words. It's actually beneficial to do this AFTER the hype and the pressure of New Year resolutions settles down. If you need some assistance, I can tell you when I pulled this card from the deck earlier this year I listed different categories. One was work and professional goals that listed completing unfinished projects including my book and meditation CD. And for the first time, I included a category with personal and relational desires. You may want to include achievements in your health or overall well-being. Or you can write something as simple as have more fun or laugh more! (Tops on my list!) There are no rules. Fire off as many 'wishes' as you'd like. You can always return to your catalog and refine it.

In the spirit of 'vision boarding', once you've identified what you'd like to accomplish in the next 12 months, you can add images to what your life looks like after you've succeeded. Cut out magazine clippings or articles and add inspirational quotes or photographs. Visual prompts are excellent motivators. The old Sports Illustrated model on the refrigerator trick. Although, please. Don't do that. The idea is to put daily reminders in front of you so you don't easily forget what it is you truly want when your life gets busy or when the events of your friends' Facebook wall becomes an alluring distraction.

If you feel so inclined to share, please send me an email at info@livwhole.com. If you're not comfortable sharing publicly, maybe you can share your dreams with a trusted confidant, someone who can hold you accountable when you get down on your vision for your future or feel it slip out of sight. Because I guarantee, at some point you will. Enlist your own personal cheerleaders. I have a few and they never fail to keep me on point or simply put a smile on my face. And know that ultimately, you are supported by a greater presence that wants nothing but your happiness.

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