Empowered Life: Think, Act, Repeat

Posted On Nov 9, 2016 By Jennifer Galardi

Empowered Life: Think, Act, Repeat

(This is the second article in the Empowered Life series. Looking for the first article? Read Empowered Life.)

The first question from our Empowered Life series was not an easy one to answer. I asked you What is the worst thing you thought about yourself? And more importantly, Is it true? Looking at the way we treat ourselves can give us a glimpse into the reasons we have the relationships, career, and life that we do. If our internal dialogue is consistently enforcing that we lack capacity, power, self worth and acceptance, how do you think we show up in the world? If you are someone that repeats negative thoughts to yourself, consider how you can begin to change your monologue. Just begin by recognizing the thought pattern and then asking the question over and over again – Is it true? You may very well find that you are repeating a story someone else told you.

What you discover from the first question may offer some insight into this next inquiry:

What mistake(s) do you not want to repeat?

What We Think, We Become

Our thoughts drive our speech, our action, or habits and ultimately, our destiny. Simply put: What we think, we become. It may very well be that the thoughts you think about yourself ultimately have been leading to the 'mistakes' in your life.

If you've been having difficulty with the first question, maybe work backwards. Answer this one first. Is there a consistent pattern in your life that seems to bring you pain, unease, discontentment, anger or any unwanted or negative outcome? From there, continue the inquiry. If there is a constant 'mistake,' why is it happening? Is this mistake rooted in a particular thought pattern or cycle? What are you contributing to perpetuate the 'mistake'? This may help you answer the first question with a little more clarity.

I ask you to consider something else. Imagine your life fueled by positive and empowering thoughts. How different would it look? Do you think you'd continue the same 'mistakes' if you thought the very opposite of the answers you jotted down from question one?

An important note as you take on these questions. Do your best to set aside judgment. Do not condemn yourself or belittle yourself for your thoughts, actions, or 'mistakes.' It is my hope you come to understand self-knowledge and clarity as a potent tool for growth and empowerment and not a resource that keeps you in the throws of smallness. Self-inquiry and writing have become one of my most trusted and valuable companions on my personal transformation journey, as long as I keep self-criticism and her well-known sidekick, perfection, at bay. It is my hopes that these questions inspire you to grow and thrive.

Please feel free to message me at info@livwhole.com if you have any questions about this process.

Om Shanti.

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