An Easy Lower Back Stretch for a Healthy Back

Posted On Mar 24, 2016 By Tom Holland

An Easy Lower Back Stretch for a Healthy Back

Tight, weak backs - That's what so many people suffer from thanks to the countless hours spent sitting every day. Sitting in front of the computer, in front of the television, in the car. We were meant to move, not sit still, and our backs often bear the brunt of this unnatural evolution to our daily lives. The more our bodies remain at rest, the shorter and tighter our muscles can become. Tightness leads to dysfunction, and dysfunction can lead to discomfort.

So, we must counterbalance our sedentary lifestyles by strengthening and stretching these important muscles. Neither one is complicated: We can often do both without any equipment, in just a few minutes.

Here is one of my favorite stretches that targets the lower back. It feels so good, it's almost impossible to do without letting out an audible sigh of relief:

Do this stretch to either loosen up an already tight back, or as prevention against having back problems later in life. All it takes is a couple minutes at most, but it can have a big impact on how healthy your back is down the road.

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