Dumbbells & Bodyweight - Dynamic Push Workout

Posted On Apr 12, 2018 By BowFlex Insider Team

Dumbbells & Bodyweight - Dynamic Push Workout

If you're looking to add some flavor to your current strength routine, this Dynamic Push Workout will certainly do the trick. What exactly are dynamic movements? Compared to static movements, dynamic movements are designed to work your muscles in entirely different ways. By introducing dynamic cross training into your strength routine, you'll see improvements in coordination, balance, and overall strength.

This Dynamic Push Workout, led by BowFlex Fitness Advisor Amy Dixon, will add great range to your current routine and will introduce you to one of our favorite moves…SURFER BURPEES. Check it out below!

Let's break down this dynamic push routine into three primary pieces:

Overhead Triceps Extension

The overhead triceps extension works the triceps. Holding the dumbbell in both hands, keep your feet shoulder width apart. Lift overhead until both arms are in full extension. With a semicircular motion, lower the dumbbell behind your head. Keep your upper arms steady; the forearms are what control the extension.

Squat With Overhead Press

The squat with overhead press works your shoulders and quadriceps. Holding the dumbbell from end to end, feet should be at shoulder width apart. Begin with a squat – flex the knees and hips, not the back. Maintain good posture throughout. Once you've returned to a standing position, press the dumbbell overhead. Extend your elbows and flex at the shoulder.

Surfer Burpees

Regular burpees are a difficult yet rewarding workout. Why not throw some fun into it?

With hands on the floor just outside of your feet, bring your feet back into a planking position. Perform a pushup. For scale, you can also drop to your knees to make this exercise a little easier. Next, instead of performing the normal burpee by jumping your feet forward and aligning the body in a forward-facing position, jump into a "surfer" position, switching on reps between your left side and right.

Pro Tips: These exercises take practice! Especially surfer burpees. Allow yourself to laugh as you get use to the rhythm. If you've got kids, practice surfer burpees together.

Want more quick workout ideas? Check out our Quick Workouts playlist on our YouTube channel.

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