Don't Dry Out in the Winter

Posted On Jan 26, 2015 By Rachel Weingarten

Don't Dry Out in the Winter

It happens every year: You're going about your ordinary day when you glance in the mirror and notice that your face looks like it suddenly has the texture (and color) of a potato chip… and that's on a good day! All the wind and indoor heat conspire to dehydrate your usually dewy self, leaving you looking and feeling dried out and uncomfortable. In case you're wondering how to avoid another season of potato chip face, consider these hydrating tips:

  1. Add a humidifier to your living spaces.

    Sometimes I get too lazy to regularly refill it, but I notice when the air in my bedroom or home office is even slightly less arid. Make sure to read up on filtering and other ways to keep your humidifier clean all season long.

  2. Drink more.

    Why do people think that the 8 glasses of water a day rule stops right after summer? You need to keep rehydrating around the clock and calendar. If you're not up for something cold, warm drinks like tea or even hot water with lemon will do the trick.

  3. Go natural.

    There's a reason that people seem obsessed with Coconut Oil in everything. It's great for slicking on split ends, cracked cuticles, calloused feet or even chapped lips.

  4. Add an ingestible.

    I'm no doctor, and I'm not even a nutritionist, but I've noticed that adding Omega oils to my diet makes my skin look a little "glowy-er." Talk to your own doctor or healthcare professional to find out the dosage or supplements that will work best for you.

Winter can be hard enough without feeling dried out inside and out. This year, try to pamper your skin whenever possible to look and feel better.