Bundle Up Beautifully

Posted On Jan 13, 2014 By Rachel Weingarten

stylish workout clothes for winter

One of the greatest challenges during winter months is finding a way to dress warmly without looking like a marshmallow. If you're heading to the gym before or after work, it can be an even greater challenge. After all, you've got to figure out a way to dress not only for the weather, but also for your workout and your workday. Talk about a triple style threat!

Some easy ways to keep stylish, sweat-proof and wind-proof include:

  • Layer Up: Common wisdom suggests you layer up for maximum warmth, which is an especially great idea when dressing for the gym during colder months. Look for silk long-sleeve tops to wear over your usual sleeveless gym tops and tank tops. Fleece jackets with a windproof layer also add an extra layer of protection against the elements.
  • Solid Shoes: Choose sneakers made of leather or without extra air pockets. While some gym shoes are meant to let feet breathe, during winter months they can also let in cold winds or frigid water.
  • Mind the Gap: If legs are cold in capri length pants or running tights, consider leg warmers. Yes, you read that correctly – leg warmers are making a comeback and not just for dancers. Hot Sox Leg Warmers cost about $20.00 and keep the areas between the bottom of your yoga pants and the top of your socks protected from the elements. Peel them off as you start to warm up.
  • Winterize Your Face: While a fully made up face in the gym or yoga studio can be frowned on, remember to protect your skin from the elements. Choose a balm to keep skin and lips from chapping. Use water-based products when possible to allow you to sweat without becoming red-faced or overheated.