Brighten it Up

Posted On Feb 22, 2016 By Rachel Weingarten

Brighten it Up

It is technically morning, but it's still very dark outside. And it's also really cold, so I'll be bundling up in lots of layers and leaving only the bare minimum of body parts exposed to the wicked winter weather.

Since I've decided not to let the winter get the best of me, I'm also figuring out small ways to brighten up these short dark days a bit:

  • Shimmery Beauty: Modern chemists make it awfully easy to add a little bit of sunshine to even the palest winter skin. Start by making sure your face is well-hydrated and then add a little extra gleam to places like the brow bone, apples of your cheeks or even the center of your bottom lip. It's a makeup artist's trick not to over contour, but rather to attract more light to your face.
  • Sparkly Hose: It's hard to look cute and flirtatious when you most resemble a duvet. I've noticed that no matter how otherwise covered up I am, I will always get compliments when I wear tights with some sort of sparkle. Same for gloves or hats with crystal or beaded detail.
  • Scented Candles: I firmly believe that not only should candles set a mood, but they should also smell good at the same time. Since everyone looks better in candlelight (I'm almost certain it's a scientific fact!) why not find some with the scents that invigorate you or make you feel all cozy after a long day? Score one for that warm glow.

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