Breathing 101 for Your Workouts

Posted On Jan 12, 2016 By Joel Harper

Breathing 101 for Your Workouts

I have never worked with someone who has perfect breathing. The problem is that people think breathing should happen automatically and they don't realize that you can control and improve how you breathe to get better results. Here are the things you should try to do (or not do) with your breathing when you work out:

Don't Hold Your Breath

Many people hold their breath during exercise, which is extremely dangerous, spreads tension to many areas of the body and may cause you to strain. The key is to keep your breath flowing so you become the master of the exercise you are doing.

Control Your Breathing

The movement doesn't control your breathing - you do. When I find that clients are holding their breath, I tell them to do the next item on the list.

Count the Reps Out Loud

You can't count out loud and hold your breath at the same time. If you notice that you are straining or holding your breath try counting out loud. The quality of your voice should be as if you were talking normally to a person just outside the room, and that person would not be able to tell that you were working out. Aim to talk as if you weren't moving at all. This helps you balance out your breathing and smoothly do the move.

Avoid Dangerous Breathing Habits

Many people run out of breath too early because they hold their breath or stutter or strain unnecessarily, which can cause dangerous changes in blood pressure, interfere with performance and results, and leave you prematurely weak and depleted.

When you breathe correctly you fuel your body efficiently and effectively, which supplies you with energy and intensity and takes your fitness up to the next level.

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