Five Bodyweight Moves For Spring

Posted On Jun 14, 2019 By BowFlex Insider Team

Two women performing triceps dips on a bench.

As the weather warms up, you’ll have more opportunities to get active outside. Take advantage of this time to refresh your workout routine while reaping the benefits of being outdoors (hello fresh air!). Tune up your body and spring into action with these five bodyweight moves that can be done anywhere:

  1. Sun’s Out, Guns’ Out

    One way to achieve those golden “guns” is with triceps dips. First, find a spot in front of a bench or step with your back facing the elevated surface. Sit down with knees slightly bent, and feet planted firmly on the ground. Reach behind you to grab the front side of the bench with your palms; straighten your arms, lifting your body off the ground. Then bend your arms back to a 90-degree angle to lower your body to the ground. Repeat.

  2. Mix it Up

    It’s important to exercise the main muscle groups, but it’s equally vital that you avoid the repetitive stress and impact that can be associated with weight training. By combining circuit-training into your workouts you get a mix of both strength and cardio. Resistance exercises are performed with little to no rest in between, thus keeping your heart rate elevated while challenging your muscles. You can also add short cardio intervals like burpees or jumping jacks for even greater cardiovascular benefits. Check out this HIIT circuit from BowFlex Fitness Advisor Tom Holland for an equipment-free workout.

  3. Take It Outside

    Instead of just sitting down outside, try a wall sit and feel the burn while taking in the fresh air. Place your back against a wall and slide down until your legs are bent at a 90-degree angle and your thighs are parallel to the ground. Make sure your knees are directly above your ankles and focus on keeping your back straight. Hold for as long as you can!

  4. Cue Up the Playlist

    Research shows that music can motivate you to work out longer and even make the experience more enjoyable. Make it a priority to create playlists that will get you fired up, especially when you’re doing burpees. To do them correctly, start out in a low squat with your hands placed on the floor, then kick out your feet behind you into a pushup position, complete one push up and quickly return to the original squat position and leap up as high as you can. Now do this to the beat of your playlist!

  5. Change of Scenery

    The beauty of bodyweight exercises is they can be done anywhere. To keep your workout routine fresh, go somewhere new. Take your workout to the beach, forest or mountain! We recommend performing some plank-to-push-ups exercises while taking in the view. First, start in a plank position with your forearms resting on the ground. Place one hand palm side down and straighten your arm like a push up to boost yourself further off the ground and repeat with the other arm. Then lower the first arm back down to rest on your forearm and repeat with the second arm until you return to the plank position. Repeat.