Black Friday Training Workout

Posted On Nov 16, 2018 By BowFlex Insider Team

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The holidays are quickly approaching — are you ready? With Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas right around the corner, we’re venturing into a marathon, not a sprint. Keep up with the crowds this Black Friday with this total-body circuit workout using your SelectTech dumbbells.

Perform 3 rounds, with 10-15 repetitions of each exercise and 30 seconds of rest between each set.

Dumbbell Squats

Tone and strengthen your lower body with dumbbell squats. Using one or both dumbbells, keep your spine straight from the crown of your head to your tailbone, weight on your heels and your knees over your toes, as you sit back into your squat. Check out dumbbell squat variations from BowFlex Fitness Advisor Amy Dixon.

Dumbbell Row

This exercise helps strengthen your upper back, which can lead to better posture. With your feet shoulder-width apart, your spine straight and long, and your knees bent slightly — hinge at the hips with your dumbbells in hand. Keep your shoulders back as you pull your shoulder blades together into a row, with your elbows driving to the back. You never want to round your back, so be sure to keep your spine straight and focus on engaging your back muscles.

Biceps Curls

With your feet shoulder-width apart, holding the dumbbells at your side, palm side up — bend at the elbow to bring the dumbbell toward your shoulder. Remaining in control, lower the dumbbell until your arms are fully extended. If you are just starting out, BowFlex Fitness Advisor Tom Holland shares biceps curl tips for beginners.

Weighted Sit-up or Reach Ups

This twist on sit-ups allows you to further engage your core and upper body with the help of a dumbbell. With your back on the floor and your legs slightly bent, hold one dumbbell at each end as you perform a sit-up. For extra upper-body engagement, perform a reach up. Start in the same position as a sit-up and curl up with your chest lifted, while simultaneously lifting the dumbbell overhead until your arms are fully extended. Slowly lower back to start and repeat. If needed, weigh down your feet using your other dumbbell.

Not sure how much weight to use?

You want to choose a weight that allows you to maintain proper form, yet the last few repetitions should be difficult. Avoid using momentum to move the weight, and focus on controlling each movement through the whole range of motion.

Looking for more dumbbell exercises? Checkout BowFlex Insider for additional workout inspiration.

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