Best Workout Tip for Women this Summer

Posted On Jul 20, 2016 By Jennifer Galardi

Best Workout Tip for Women this Summer

Ladies! You've heard all the best workout tips for summer before. Take your workouts outside. Drink plenty of water. Wear sunscreen. You've seen the best of the best of sweat wicking, keep-you-dry apparel. You know to lighten up with summer salads and fresh fruit. There is no shortage of what to eat, how to workout and how to stay cool during the highest temperatures of the year.

But after many walks, jogs, hikes, and other activities outdoors, I'd like to offer you a suggestion you may not have considered yet — how to keep your earbuds in your ears without the cord flying all over your face.

Although it's quite simple, you may not have tried it yet. If you're using an armband for your music device — which I hope you are — place the band in a comfortable position on your arm ensuring the port for the headset is directed up and the screen is facing you. Then thread the cord underneath your bra strap and snap in. Pull the cord so there is more slack on the side of the cord near your arm, but adjust as is comfortable for your workouts. If there is too much cord hanging down your arm and it gets in your way, hook it around your thumb which will prevent it from getting snagged on something else.

And of course, drink plenty of water. Now get out there and enjoy!

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