Best Headphones For Your Workout

Posted On Mar 13, 2018 By Rachel Weingarten

Best Workout Headphones

Most of us listen to different music for different workouts and have favorite songs to rev us up or cool us down. Along those lines, it makes sense to choose your headphones based on your workout type as well.

In no particular order, here are some of the best in earbuds, full headphones and other ways to listen better and more comfortably while you work out.

  • The warm up star: Believe it or not, some people don't like music while exercising or simply can't listen to it because of a team sport. If you prefer to be in your own head without distractions or concentrating on your sport or teammates in the moment, but still like to listen while you warm up, Elana Meyers Taylor, three-time Olympic medalist told Bowflex Insider she prefers Beats by Dre Studio. "They're very noise canceling and they can look pretty sweet too," she said. "I always use them to listen to music while I warm up."
  • The runner: Whether you're pounding pavement or running on sand, you want headphones that allow you to enjoy your music while hitting your stride. Fanstereo recently introduced Eirs, which are in-ear headphones that are sweat resistant, wireless, and come with a variety of size options to fit every year. They're ideal for outdoor activities because the Bluetooth and noise cancelling functions allow you to stay focused without interruptions.
  • The bike rider or multi-tasker: One of the best parts about biking (indoors or out) is the ability to put your entire body into the endeavor. But what if you have to stop every now and then during a long ride to take a call? Jabra Elite Sport have you covered no matter your sport or conversation style. Wrap around headphones cushion your ear and allow for an immersive musical experience. There's also no drop or lag between calls or music, so you won't have to fiddle with the sound or volume control. An intuitive cord-free design includes two microphones in each bud so background noise is almost completely filtered out, so voice calls are crystal clear and you don't have to crank up the volume to enjoy your music.
  • The Walker: Whether you step it up, use a treadmill or stroll around the neighborhood at a leisurely pace, music can set your mood and elevate your workout. AH-C820 by Denon boast something called Double Air Compression Driver technology for powerful bass and ultimate clarity, which apparently means more air is moved around for less distortion. I love the fact that you can settle in for a walk and let your mind and feet wander while blissfully listening to your playlist.
  • The nighttime exerciser: It makes sense to exercise extra caution while you, um, exercise after dark. If you're planning on walking or running through an area that might be poorly lit or sketchy, you want to use a sound system that also allows you to be as fully aware of your surroundings as possible. The LG Tone Studio is actually worn around your neck instead of having buds in your ears, so you can be more fully in the moment and not distracted by your music. It also creates something of a mini concert-like environment, so while the music is great for you, it isn't loud enough to be heard by everyone else on the street.