The Best Fitness Trend for 2015

Posted On Jan 27, 2015 By Joe Vennare

Best Fitness Trend 2015

What is a trend? Technically speaking, it's a change or development in a specific direction.

In the fashion world, trends tend to get a lot of play. One such trend that comes to mind is the combination of the skinny jean, beanie and flannel shirt that sums up "hipster" style. That trend is likely just a fad-something that's likely going to be short-lived. It doesn't exactly have the timeless appeal of a classic, well-tailored suit.

In that way, when it comes to fads and trends, fitness isn't unlike fashion. Jack LaLanne's approach to lifelong fitness could be likened to the timeless appeal of a well-tailored suit. On the other hand, something like a weight that shakes in your hand is likely to go the way of the parachute pant (if it hasn't already).

Like fashion, the fitness world is ever evolving. Each new year brings with it the announcement of the anticipated fitness trends. This year, the National Academy of Sports Medicine named things like bodyweight training, interval training and personal training to the list. Interestingly, those things seem to be broad generalizations. They also happen to be almost identical to the trends from last year: interval training, bodyweight training and certified professionals all in the top 10.

Let's just assume that those trends are right. That in fact, people will work out, they will use bodyweight exercises and interval training to do so, and they will also rely on the assistance from certified fitness professionals to achieve their goals. If that's true, what's next for fitness?

Like previous years, 2015 promises to stay the course by presenting a plethora of possibilities for exercise and advancing our fitness frontier. From the Quantified Self movement to fitness wearables and other emerging technologies, fitness is embracing gamification and big data. The trouble is, wearables aren't necessarily working, obesity isn't a game, and kids are more overweight now than at any other point in time.

So then, what's the answer? What is the fitness trend for 2015 that no one is talking about?

Hopefully, it will be a back-to-basics approach. There are some things that have worked since the beginning of time, some combination of strength training and cardiovascular exercise - mainly walking, running, biking, swimming, and lifting weights.

These things don't have to be a game, but they could be. You don't have to log your progress into an app, but it might help. You could also elect to share your weight and weight loss with others on social media, but it doesn't guarantee that you'll actually lose weight.

Therefore, the best method for making meaningful change that becomes a lifestyle isn't a trend at all. It's a combination of willpower and consistency - two things that no trend, professional, piece of equipment, or emerging technology can take the place of.

With that in mind, here's to hoping that 2015 is the year of a common sense approach to health and fitness. Do what works, do it often, and do it with intention.