Believing in Success

Posted On Jul 22, 2013 By JAX Mariash

The only way to succeed is to not worry about what anyone else is doing.

I heard a quote yesterday that goes like this:

"The only way to succeed is to not worry about what anyone else is doing." – Unknown

staying motivated and healthy

This very quote made me take a step back and look at myself and life transitions. In the world of ultrarunning and freelance marketing, there is a significant amount of self-motivation that must take place to be successful. The ultramarathon world is a very independent one, and it really makes you dig deep.

I've noticed we are most affected or envious of others' achievements and their climb to success when we are feeling guilty about not pushing ourselves to our own full potential. Take a look at the last time you had that ache in your heart and then ask yourself, why am I really bogged down? And most often, it is because you expect more from yourself then what you are putting forth.

So the trick is to then step out of your comfort zone and move toward your goals. As hard as it is sometimes, the moment that you put your first foot forward, an immediate exhale of relief and self-pride exudes from your body and WHABAM you are on the road to success. Every time you push down the road, your confidence gains new levels of power.

For example, in the world of competitive running, the moments before the race are the scariest for many. Many of the competitors have been eyeing their competition for days or weeks. Maybe even months. But I would wait until I towed the line and the rush of adrenaline mixed with measuring up everyone around me took over like wildfire. I would compare bodies or just try to measure the confidence level of the ladies around me while my heart rate blasts with power out of my chest. The worst mistake was looking toward the woman next to me and mentally giving her the chance to already beat me to the finish line; subconsciously already deciding that it was someone else's win today instead of towing the line with confidence.

One day, I decided to tow the line differently. Instead of measuring up to everyone around me, I challenged my inner self to, instead, take an inward look. To have confidence in my training, nutrition, hard work and successful workouts, and on that day, believe in ME. The result was a win, a personal best in my race time and a huge pat on my back. In the end, the only person we are trying to impress is ourselves.

See the thing is, the only way to capture success, is to go and get it. Each day, whatever your personal aspirations are, take charge and go after them. By believing in yourself and taking action, you will achieve success. It will not happen overnight. Yet with time, it WILL happen. And once it does, take a look at how different your point-of-view is of those around you. Notice how much harder you clap your hands, not only for their accomplishments, but also your own. And watch as others applaud you as well. So go get 'em!